Loft with angled walls

A "loft" is technically an open space that sits up under the roof of a house. While your kitchen, living room, and bedrooms contain standard, conventional features, a loft creates more complications. It often comes in odd shapes, with slanting walls and windows in interesting positions, for example.


Many people have converted these areas into entire apartments, while others have created a living area or a bedroom. Some lofts are tiny. Some are huge. But most bear certain characteristics that affect their potential lighting and decor.


Unique Shape


When builders tuck a loft under the roof, the roof's needs come first and the space second. This means that the walls and ceilings of a loft often lean in at unexpected angles -- either reducing or increasing the height of the room. You may end up with a tiny bedroom tucked in under a slanted wall or with a tall, skinny, two-level room with its own built-in staircase.


Light it Up


In either of these situations, the first thing to do is to reduce or eliminate any cramped feeling. First, use light colors such as whites, yellows, and chrome for the majority of your palette. A touch of brighter red or orange can be quite delightful against this backdrop as well.


Second, your space may already contain windows, but at night the walls can feel like they are closing in. It is important to add lighting. For a tall, thin loft, a hanging pendant light or two can improve the illusion of soaring vertical height even more, while adding significant flair. Consider a colored pendant, a hanging lantern, or even a metallic orb. Click here to view all pendant styles.


Metal shade pendantWoven orb pendantCarlisle pendant


And if your ceiling is only medium height, lights mounted flush to the ceiling can maximize your space. Click here to view flush and semi-flush styles.


LED flush mount ceiling lightPhoenician flush mount ceiling light


All lofts can also benefit from standing lamps. If your ceiling already feels low, standing lights become even more important. You will not want to shrink your space further by attaching a light or a fan to the ceiling. Again, you can incorporate style in many ways.


Larger Spaces


On the other end of the spectrum, you may be furnishing a large, open, airy loft apartment that contains your entire living space. In the situation where "loft" actually means "larger," a chandelier may be just what you want. An LED chandelier or two may fit perfectly with the modern air of a full loft apartment.


LED chandelier


Of course, all decor and design ideas are just that -- ideas. This article hopefully touched your own creativity and helped you along the path to finding your own perfect look.